Guaranteed to Work

Security solutions from ESI Security in Tacoma are guaranteed to work

The only real guarantee in the state of Washington. Our properly maintained systems work as designed or we pay your insurance deductible up to $500. Read the details >>


Customers Agree

Customers give ESI Security high marks for superior service

We had a rough eviction with a bad tenant that was destroying our first home. We were finally able to take possesion, but on very short notice. We called ESI Security and with the understanding of the stress we were under, they rescheduled work so that our home could be rekeyed immediately. This made us feel much more secure and helped diffuse a very upsetting situation.
John and Ann Enyeart

When I bought my house I called ESI. They came out and rekeyed the house as well as changed a couple of locks so I only had to carry one key and not several. They were honest and upfront and sold me locks at a fair price and only replaced locks that needed to be replaced, rather than trying to sell all new locks for hundreds of dollars. Thanks for the service, honesty and fair price.
Corey Last
New Home Owner

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Smart Home Systems for Tacoma

smart home systems for Tacoma area residents

We're excited about smart home (sometimes called “home automation”) systems. These systems improve your quality of living and your security.

  • Connect home devices and appliances so they talk to each other and work together
  • Automate home functions
  • Control home functions from any web enabled device with broadband connection
  • Virtually anything using electricity can go on home network

ESI Security is pleased to offer Tacoma area residents smart home technology. Talk with us about your smart home automation needs.

Free Consultation

Most Tacoma area residents want to know if smart home automation is right for them. That's why ESI Security offers a free, no obligation in home demonstration. It's your chance to evaluate based upon your home and your lifestyle what's right for you. Call us toll free in Washington at (888) 241-7132 for your evaluation or complete our online contact form and our smart home automation specialist will contact you.

Complete Home Control

control your Tacoma home systems with a smart home system from ESI Security

Control lighting, home security, home theater and entertainment, and regulate temperatures. Use your command center of any web enabled device to control your home.

Now many companies like to dabble with new technologies. With ESI Security, you can count on our nearly 20 years service improving homeowner safety and convenience. You can trust us to provide top quality from a family company.

Not only do we provide the best quality, we do it at rates many times lower than the other guys. That's because our broad base of home protection and convenience services allows use volume savings we pass through to you.

It's a unique way of doing business…one we think you'll find refreshing. Please take a minute to tell us how we can answer your smart home automation questions by calling ESI Security toll-free at (888) 241-7132.