Guaranteed to Work

Security solutions from ESI Security in Tacoma are guaranteed to work

The only real guarantee in the state of Washington. Our properly maintained systems work as designed or we pay your insurance deductible up to $500. Read the details >>


Customers Agree

Customers give ESI Security high marks for superior service

ESI Security was very helpful in the design, implentation, and budgeting of our companies Access control, locks, and alarm systems. We appreciate the help, service, fair prices and recommend their services.
Shawn Donovan

We had a rough eviction with a bad tenant that was destroying our first home. We were finally able to take possesion, but on very short notice. We called ESI Security and with the understanding of the stress we were under, they rescheduled work so that our home could be rekeyed immediately. This made us feel much more secure and helped diffuse a very upsetting situation.
John and Ann Enyeart

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Security Camera Surveillance Systems

Security camera surveillance systems for Tacoma and surrounding areas

ESI Security is the only Tacoma area security camera surveillance company willing to guarantee how well their systems will work for you. Your properly maintained security camera system will provide a clear picture within its field of view as intended or we'll reimburse up to the first $500 of your loss.

  • Clear picture promise – our camera surveillance systems are easy to view with vivid image clarity your grandmother would love
  • All technologies – we work with all security camera technologies and applications, including web based applications
  • Remote view capability – observe your system from any web enabled device from anywhere in the world with broadband access
  • Indoor and outdoor – we excel at low light, outdoor and hard-to-install applications
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Comprehensive Services

Security camera surveillance system command center

With security camera surveillance systems from ESI Security you get:

  • More choices – we'll help you with the system design and supply you the right equipment – OR – we'll do the installation for you as well…all backed by the Tacoma area's finest testing, maintenance and repair services
  • Complete services – ESI Security helps small and mid-size retail, service and industrial companies with all type applications…stand-alone, IP based, indoor, outdoor, low light, covert and more
  • Effective results – slash employee theft, shoplifting, under-ringing, poor employee behaviors and more with effective deterrents that grow your bottom line
  • Current technologies – from IP based systems to wireless, ESI Security has you covered

Affordable Value

You shouldn't have to compromise top quality for low price. At ESI Security you get the absolute best security camera system equipment without paying top dollar. In fact, our quality's the best in Tacoma and it's many times priced lower than the other guys.

Our family company has been serving our community nearly 20 years. We share our area's commitment of a hard day's work for a fair day's pay.

Learn how we can help your business with a security camera surveillance system by calling us toll free in Washington at (888) 241-7132.

Trusted Protection

You can trust the services offered by ESI Security

Area companies know they can trust ESI Security for effective protection. Now, competitive companies will show you lots of testimonials from happy customers (and we can too). But think about it for a minute. If all it took to stop crime, theft and vandalism from your business was security camera equipment, then no one would have the problem. You know things though to be a little different. The right equipment needs to be used in the right way. You need to use the system and set up exception reporting and analytics to understand what's happening. The right solution is more than just the right equipment.

That's where we come in. At ESI Security, we have the trusted expertise to help you with these issues. Our services and professional designs result in effective deterrents that work a long time for you. Talk with one of our Tacoma based security camera video specialists. Complete our privacy assured online form or call us toll-free from anywhere in Washington at (888) 241-7132