Guaranteed to Work

Security solutions from ESI Security in Tacoma are guaranteed to work

The only real guarantee in the state of Washington. Our properly maintained systems work as designed or we pay your insurance deductible up to $500. Read the details >>


Customers Agree

Customers give ESI Security high marks for superior service

ESI Security was very helpful in the design, implentation, and budgeting of our companies Access control, locks, and alarm systems. We appreciate the help, service, fair prices and recommend their services.
Shawn Donovan

We had a rough eviction with a bad tenant that was destroying our first home. We were finally able to take possesion, but on very short notice. We called ESI Security and with the understanding of the stress we were under, they rescheduled work so that our home could be rekeyed immediately. This made us feel much more secure and helped diffuse a very upsetting situation.
John and Ann Enyeart

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Security Systems for Tacoma

There's a big difference in a security system from ESI Security compared to others…with ESI Security, we guarantee our monitored security systems will protect you as designed or we'll pay up to the first $500 of your insurance deductible!

  • Custom designed security systems, providing the protection you need
  • No false alarms due to installation or mechanical failure or we'll pay the fines
  • Guaranteed to work
  • World class security systems from family run Tacoma and surrounding areas company

Performance You Trust

Security Systems from ESI Security work. If they didn't, you're still protected because we'll reimburse up to the first $500 of your insurance deductible.

We're the only company in Tacoma and surrounding areas to make such a guarantee.

We also go another step further. If you're fined for a security system false alarm due to installation or mechanical failure, ESI Security will pay the fine. No hassles. No hard feelings. That's how confident we are that our worries free security systems work for you.

We monitor your security system through a U.L certified central alarm monitoring center. Our monitoring center responds quickly and effectively in any emergency situation. Tell us how we can help you by calling toll free at (888) 241-7132.

Quality Services

ESI Security uses the best quality security system technologies. For nearly 20 years we've brought Tacoma area homes and businesses complete security system services:

More choices, for home or business we've got you covered

Indoor protection, including perimeter opening, window/glass protection and interior detection technologies

Outdoor protection, including gate control, camera surveillance and other options

Locks and safes, with no application too complex…we can handle anything

Security system alarm monitoring, regardless of installer or manufacturer, through our U.L. certified central station alarm monitoring center

Testing and service, we offer comprehensive periodic testing and maintenance and repair service is available 24 hours a day every day of the year

Our family company has been providing security systems for the Tacoma area for nearly 20 years. Learn how we can help you. Call us toll free in Washington at (888) 241-7132.